Extracting and leveraging data for enlightened decisions

Lumos’ products reflect our mission to transform complex, often siloed data into actionable insights. Backed by expert financial literacy, we provide your institution with standardized, automated metrics, powerful decisioning models, and efficient processes…  with rich, curated data at the heart of it all.

Lumos Prime+ Score

The Lumos Prime+ scoring model improves underwriting efficiency and provides a more accurate and fairer risk assessment for small business loans less than $500 thousand. The Lumos Prime+ score:

  • Incorporates three decades of small business performance data through multiple economic cycles and reacts with changing economic environments
  • Employs factors that actually impact small business performance rather than relying on consumer credit scores or business credit history
  • Utilizes cutting-edge machine learning algorithms
  • Predicts expected credit losses over the next twelve months
  • Is rigorously validated through back testing, stress testing, and testing against challenger models to ensure accurate and stable performance.

Lumos Prime+ significantly outperforms competing models’ accuracy allowing lenders to approve more loans to small businesses. It is exclusively offered through the Lenders Cooperative. Finally, there is a solution for banks to more completely serve their small business clients.

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Custom Models

Drawing upon our financial industry expertise, we are proficient in the building of small business performance models for lenders. If you are looking to mitigate risk, streamline decision making, and increase efficiency, we can provide custom models built specifically for your institution. We incorporate your unique data sets with our own proprietary small business and economic performance data. Our data-backed predictive analytics help you:

  • Diversify your portfolio with small-volume or SBA-backed loans.
  • Mitigate risk and confidently extend capital to underserved businesses.
  • Quicken your credit decisioning process with clear insights into underlying risk.
  • Capitalize on trends and grow sustainably in the SBA lending space.

Our models are built following the FDIC’s Model Risk Management guidance. Customized models will help you grow your business and provide a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Clear and Customizable Data Insights

Start making strategic decisions with greater clarity. You can access our proprietary dataset via a centralized, cloud-based platform to explore dashboards with real, usable data and visually intuitive information. The Lumos Portal provides a single source of truth for:

  • Loan performance data, such as Expected Loss, Probability of Default, Loss Given Default, and Prepayment Rates
  • Performance analytics segmented by industry, franchise, geography, and lender
  • Financial institution trends and benchmarks for peer group and competitive assessments
  • 3.5 billion small business and macroeconomic data points including unemployment, inflation, and interest rates
  • Clean, curated data transformed into intuitive visualizations

Break free from data silos, uncover growth opportunities, and reveal the insights that matter in one convenient place.

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Advisory Services

With decades of experience, we emphasize creative problem solving and deep analysis. We’re here to clear away the cobwebs and help you fully leverage your data. By collaborating with us, you gain:

  • Empowering, data-backed insights to make stronger strategic decisions
  • Non-judgmental, customizable data solutions with tidy, transparent data points and metrics
  • Expert-level financial analysis to close the gaps, mitigate risk, and expand your portfolio

Focus your energy on growing your institution rather than combing through and sorting your disparate data.

Rich Insights for Stronger Growth