Meet the Lumineers

At Lumos, we empower the businesses we serve by revealing value within their underleveraged data. But our goal is more than to disrupt the industry. We emphasize the people behind the data, so we can better serve our clients, their customers, and our shared communities.

Here is our team of amazing humans shining a light on small-business lending.

Brett Caines Chief Executive Officer
Through his 11 years as the CFO of a high-growth financial institution, which he led through IPO, Brett refined his leadership skills. He now inspires the Lumos team to collaborate and innovate solutions. As a Tolkien, Star Trek, and Star Wars enthusiast, Brett has mastered the art of forming a holistic team for epic missions.
Youri Nelson Chief Technology Officer
As a CTO by day and a certified stunt performer by night, Youri is agile in more ways than one! He is an innovative technical leader who inspires our team to tackle each problem with creativity. An educator by nature, Youri has taught gymnastics, sailing, and math. He helps Lumos soar with more than 12 years of experience in theoretical mathematics, web development, and analytical design.
Kirra Beitel Senior Data Integration Engineer
With her organized and curious approach, Kirra creates simple solutions to complex data problems. She supports our mission with 9 years of computer and data science experience with a strong business and statistical background. Her passion for numbers gives her a sturdy foundation for data software. Add her attention to details, and Kirra can build just about anything. Indeed, she renovated her house by herself after learning everything from construction to electrical from YouTube videos.
Sabrina Benbassat Director of Client Engagement and Product
Sabrina blends her artistic side with active listening skills to help Lumos meet our clients’ needs. Her methodical yet creative approach lets her forge meaningful connections that complement our goals. After work, Sabrina keeps the creative juices flowing in her home art studio. A proud first-generation immigrant with Argentine roots, she has 10 years’ experience in small-business servicing in the healthcare space and product management.
Dylan Catlett Machine Learning Engineer
Dylan developed his data science chops through 9 years of experience as a marine scientist where he explored all sorts of big oceanographic data from satellite imagery to plankton DNA sequences. His approach to data science is centered on the saying, “All models are wrong, some are useful”; he pushes both himself and his predictive models to their limits to find where both can be most useful (and least wrong!). Whether the ecosystem is the coastal ocean or small business financing, he is deeply motivated to leverage data to understand how things work, identify problems and inefficiencies, and develop solutions.
Paul Cole Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Paul brings 8 years as a data scientist to the table, specializing in finance, Higher Education, and Public Utilities. As his varied experience suggests, he is eternally curious about everything.
Matt Dillon Senior Data Integrity Engineer
With 14 years of experience in all things mathematics, Matt is a master of collecting, cleaning, exploring, and analyzing data for shifting business needs. His systematic approach focuses on driving effective strategic decisions. In his spare time, he likes to take long walks on the beach, calculate blackholes, solve puzzles, find data errors, and make fun of our demo guy.
Blaine Farrell Business Analyst
Blaine is a generalist with experience in sales and data analytics, who's always on the run (literally). Whether he's running marathons or running code, Blaine is in pursuit of finding new ways to bring data insights to customers. When he isn't thinking of data, you can find him reading books or soaking up the sun at the beach.
AJ Franchino Senior Data and Security Engineer
A masterful architect of enterprise cloud infrastructure, AJ is a passionate technologist with a propensity to go down rabbit holes if left unattended. His 10 years of experience have turned him into a Swiss army knife of science, psychology, trivia, urban dictionary terms, and tech.
Cory Jones Senior Client Development Officer
Cory has earned 8 years of experience in financial planning and data analysis. He's passionate about helping our clients create financial efficiencies. When he’s not boosting their strategy, he’s racking up his own wins in fantasy sports, Pokemon, and simulation games. Wolfpack for life!
Misty Mangiacapre Director of Data and Machine Learning
Misty began her data analytics career in sea turtle conservation research. Her passion for making a difference extends to her work creating democratized data-driven cultures. She is an enthusiastic learner and goal-oriented achiever. After 11 years’ experience in scientific research and data visualization, sea turtles are still her favorite animal.
Jason Miller Senior Client Engagement Officer
Jason comes with not only 7 years’ experience in credit and risk analysis, but also a great attitude! He strives for positive energy to make the day better for those around him. (And he does!)
Carri Mitchell Director of Data & Software Integration
Always up for a challenge, Carri motivates and leads teams through exciting initiatives. She draws upon her 12 years’ experience in operations and technology within the banking industry to discover simple solutions to complex problems. From traveling to exploring, Carri’s thirst for adventure extends throughout her life. She loves finding treasures off the beaten path, whether that’s an amazing dataset or a hidden-gem restaurant.
Megan Pierce Director of Operations and Finance
Megan has nearly two decades of experience growing financial institutions’ efficiency and portfolios. Her passion lets her drive success … and a mean putt. (Challenge her to golf at your own risk). Megan always brings her A game for our clients, masterfully improving their operations and financial analyses for stronger decisions and above-par transparency. When she’s not helping our clients make green, she’s probably paddleboarding or enjoying a sour beer on the beach.

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