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Lumos helps you grow and diversify your small business loan portfolio with innovative data analytics and advisory services.
Insights to supercharge your financial institution
Our cloud-based, customizable platform unearths rich insights from your untapped reservoir of data, enriched with curated external sources. Elevate your risk analysis and strategic decisions with Lumos!

Reveal Actionable Insights Within Your Underleveraged Data

We combine SBA lending data, credit trends, and your business’s previously untapped raw data into powerful models and reliable metrics.
Strengthen your SBA portfolio and streamline your credit decisioning. Our predictive modeling and risk assessment platform builds confidence in your lending.

Extracting Insights to Empower Your Business

We transform raw data sets into useful information so you can mitigate risk and uncover new opportunities. Our innovative data solutions let you unlock the secret to profitable growth.

Advanced Data Analysis in Lumos Portal

Reveal new lending opportunities with robust risk analysis and credit trends leveraging Lumos’ proprietary data. Our customizable platform lets you bring your internal data and metrics into conversation with aggregated external insights. Break out of your data silos as you keep a finger on the pulse of performance.
Break Out of Your Data Silo

Transparent and Compliant Predictive Models

Make better strategic decisions in real time. Lumos provides you with standardized and automated metrics that tell the whole story — from risk to industry performance. Our models are explainable and regulatory-ready, so you can confidently diversify your portfolio.
Get Real-Time Decisions

Supportive and Agile Data Advisory Services

Manage your risk and leverage the right data for strategic decisions. Lumos reveals valuable insights buried within a wealth of raw data spread across disparate systems. We champion the people behind the data — so your business can achieve sustainable growth.
Get Expert Advice

Dependable Financial Literacy and Data Solutions

As your partner, Lumos yields actionable insights to help you reach your business goals, so you can focus on what you do best.
SBA Lending Expertise
SBA Lending Expertise
Expand your portfolio and confidently provide capital to historically underserved small businesses. We empower you to overcome the unique challenges of SBA lending safely and soundly.
Industry-Disrupting Analytics
Industry-Disrupting Analytics
Make better strategic decisions with SBA-specific predictive models backed by relevant data. Our advanced analytics and visualizations help you turn abstract metrics into clear insights.
Data Compliance and Best Practices
Data Compliance and Best Practices

Optimize your data and correct any bias while leveraging advanced analytical techniques. Our 50-point Model Risk Management checklist and automated monitoring let you ensure full regulatory compliance.

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We collaborated with a variety of institutions to develop custom data solutions and tap into their wealth of data to illuminate the path towards sustainable growth. Together, we discovered more reliable, compliant modeling and more robust, equitable lending for financial institutions.

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Whether you need to gather your disparate internal data, develop stronger models, or visualize your key insights, Lumos is here to help.

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