Taking the SBA lending space from blind spots to brilliance

We empower your institution to diversify and strengthen your portfolio. With Lumos, you can harness underutilized data to lend equitably to traditionally underserved small businesses.


At Lumos, we strive to elevate SBA lending with sophisticated, data-backed predictive modeling and risk assessment. We reveal actionable insights from SBA lending trends, including the wealth of raw data that many institutions can’t fully leverage. Disparate data and inefficient processes hinder your portfolio’s growth and contribute to bias in lending. Our mission is to help you see the whole story of your portfolio — one that can only be found through innovative data analysis. This way, you can leverage the right data for credit decisioning with less risk and greater potential. With our guidance, your lending institution can confidently provide capital to underserved businesses. By revealing the data’s full value, we illuminate both institutions’ and small businesses’ paths toward sustainable growth.



Inspiration, so we can serve our clients, businesses, and communities with a holistic and empowering approach.

Our standardized and automated metrics unveil clear guidance for confident, fair lending to underserved businesses.


Innovation, so we can close the gaps in small-business lending and discover new opportunities for growth.

We are dedicated to building your strategic competence in a data-heavy yet flawed environment.


Agility, so we can solve problems and facilitate better decisions with verifiable, customizable analysis.

We know that many financial institutions are limited by disparate, static datasets, and we aim to change that.


Clarity, so we can illuminate our clients’ best path forward and transform the industry with confidence.

We generate insights closer to the decision points so we can create value rather than complexity.


Humility, so we can admit and learn from our mistakes as we help our clients expand and refine their offerings.

Our holistic, streamlined approach champions the people behind the data.


Transparency, so we can earn our clients’ trust and build a strong foundation for their sustainable growth.

Our innovative, iterative method turns raw data into powerful insights. We reveal concrete truths rather than abstractions.

Rich Insights for Stronger Growth