Lumos Technologies Launches Suite of Products Focused on Small Business Lending and Banking Trends

Wilmington, NC, January 17, 2023 – Lumos Technologies, a financial technology platform specializing in banking data and analytics, is announcing the launch of its new offering, dashboards focused on small business lending and banking trends.

Lumos’ dashboards give banks and institutions access to high-impact data that provides insights, trends, and growth opportunities in one unified solution. The platform allows users to harness underutilized analytics to make strategic decisions with greater clarity, to advance prudent growth in small business financing, and to promote equitable lending to traditionally underserved small businesses.  The Base Tier offering gives users access to high-level aggregated insights at no cost. More detailed data and deeper insights are accessible through a paid subscription for individual or team subscriptions. 

Lumos Portal is a centralized, cloud-based platform where institutions can explore dashboards with real, actionable data providing a single source of truth for:

  • Loan performance data, such as Expected Loss, Probability of Default, Loss Given Default, and Prepayment Rates — easily filtered by by industry, franchise, and lender
  • Lending institution trends and benchmarks
  • Clean, curated data transformed into intuitive visualizations

We are very excited to offer a set of small business loan performance dashboards at no cost. Lumos is eliminating a cost barrier for lenders to utilize data visualizations to make more informed decisions,” says Brett Caines, CEO of Lumos. 

Disparate data and inefficient processes can hinder an institution’s portfolio growth and can contribute to bias in lending. Lumos’ mission is to help companies uncover the whole story of their portfolios which can only be found through innovative data analysis. Lumos aims to illuminate both institutions’ and small businesses’ paths toward sustainable growth with sophisticated, data-backed predictive modeling and risk assessment.

This tier of Lumos Portal is available now at no cost. Click here to register and try it today. 


About Lumos Technologies

Lumos provides analytics-as-a-service that transforms complex data into actionable insights. Backed by expert financial literacy, Lumos provides financial institutions with standardized, automated metrics, powerful decisioning models, and efficient processes with rich, curated data  and decades of financial institution literacy at the heart of it all.