Lumos Technologies and FRANdata Announce Partnership to Enhance Franchise Lending

Wilmington, N.C., Apr. 19, 2023 – Lumos Technologies (Lumos) and FRANdata announce their partnership to bring actionable franchise and small business lending performance data to financial institutions.

“We could not be more excited to partner with FRANdata to more efficiently put powerful franchise data at lenders’ fingertips,” said Brett Caines, CEO of Lumos Technologies. “Together, we will enable financial institutions to become experts in franchise loan performance with industry benchmarks and key credit performance trends across franchise sectors.”

Lumos and FRANdata empower financial institutions to build more informed strategic plans for franchise lending with access to data and analytics for historical loan performance, franchise market opportunities, and brand information.

“By combining FRANdata’s expertise in franchising and franchise brand performance with Lumos’ SBA performance analysis, we have formed a powerful partnership,” said Edith Wiseman, President of FRANdata. “This collaboration enables banks to understand SBA lending in new ways, empowering them to achieve even greater growth and success.”

In addition to business development, Lumos and FRANdata help financial institutions to assess the systemic credit risk associated with a particular franchise sector. The full suite offers a comprehensive view of opportunities and risk within franchise lending.

About Lumos Technologies

Lumos transforms complex data into actionable insights and provides advisory services to power small business lending. Backed by expert financial literacy, Lumos provides financial institutions with standardized and automated metrics, powerful decisioning models, and efficient processes with rich, curated data and decades of financial institution literacy at the heart of it all. To learn more about Lumos, visit

About FRANdata

FRANdata is an industry-leading research and consulting firm offering market intelligence that enables our clients to grow their business in franchising. By leveraging the largest database of proprietary franchise information in the industry, FRANdata harnesses facts and figures into an unprecedented depth of understanding around franchise operations and performance. We transform mediocre results into highly successful outcomes for our clients. FRANdata is the creator of the FUND (Franchise Credit Scoring) report which is relied upon by lenders with over a trillion dollars in assets to assess their franchise credit risks. For more information go to