Lumos Technologies and Coleman Report Announce Strategic Partnership

Wilmington, N.C., September 8, 2023 – Lumos Technologies (Lumos), an innovative small business data analytics and advisory company, and Coleman Report (Coleman), a leading media provider for small business lenders, have announced a strategic partnership to provide solutions for small business lending professionals.

With a shared vision of empowering small business lenders with data-driven solutions, the partnership will provide customers with unparalleled access to information, insights, and tools that will help them grow their businesses and serve their communities.

“We are excited to partner with Coleman, a company that has been a valuable source of information and education for small business lenders for over 30 years,” said Brett Caines, CEO of Lumos Technologies. “Together, we can offer our customers a comprehensive suite of products and services that will help them optimize their lending initiatives and make smarter decisions.”

The partnership will leverage the strengths of both companies to offer cutting-edge products and services that help small business lenders make better strategic decisions, mitigate risk, and diversify their portfolios.

“Good SBA historical loan data leads to good SBA loan decisions. Lumos has the best-in-brand platform to source, interpret, and report data for today’s SBA lender to make good SBA loan decisions,” said Bob Coleman, Founder and Publisher of the Coleman Report. “I am pleased to partner with Lumos to fulfill Coleman data user reports. Their array of products will expertly meet the needs of all SBA lenders – from the largest to smallest.”

This partnership will also enable both companies to reach new markets and customers, as well as enhance their existing offerings. Small business lenders will benefit from the comprehensive and innovative solutions offered by Lumos and Coleman including Lumos’ proprietary dataset of small business loans and economic data with insights into loan performance, industry trends, and macroeconomic factors; Coleman Report’s daily articles, webinars, and reports on SBA loan policies, regulations, best practices, and industry news, as well as Coleman Certified Training Programs for SBA lending; and Lumos’ custom predictive AI solutions utilizing machine learning algorithms and curated external data sources for accurate and fair risk assessment models for small business loans. To learn more about these services, visit and

About Lumos Technologies

Lumos transforms complex data into actionable insights and provides advisory services to power small business lending. Backed by expert financial literacy, Lumos provides financial institutions with standardized and automated metrics, powerful decisioning models, and efficient processes with rich, curated data and decades of financial institution literacy at the heart of it all. To learn more about Lumos, visit

About Coleman Report

Coleman is a leading provider of information to small business bankers and the largest producer of training courses and webinars for small business bankers. The Coleman Report, a premium content trade newsletter, began in 1993 and provides critical analytical information for today’s small business lending professional. To learn more about Coleman, visit